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These wraps and decals are at an awesome discounted price due to imperfections which can include:

  • lower quality print
  • incorrect size
  • white ink overlap
  • white ink back is not as opaque as it should be

There is no issue with the adhesion quality of these wraps and decals. Designs are mixed and should not have any duplicates per grab bag

    What is a UV DTF?

    • UV DTF transfers are permanent, adhesive decals printed on a clear, transparent film
    • Transfers are durable and coated with a glossy, protective finish. This makes them waterproof and fade-resistant
    • Best on hard, non-porous surfaces such as metal, acrylic, plastic, glass, wood, or paper
    • Can be applied to any color surface as they are printed with a white ink backing
    • Transfers require no heat or special equipment to apply. Simply peel and stick. Be sure you are applying it exactly where you want as they are not repositionable.

    Application Instructions

    1. Prep surface by making sure it is clean and wipe with a lint-free cloth. UV DTF will adhere best to a hard, non-porous surface
    2. Place transfer face-down and run a squeegee over backside of transfer
    3. Remove backing from the transfer and carrier sheet
    4. Carefully place transfer on your item (transfer will not be repositionable, so make sure to place it correctly)
    5. Using your thumbs or a squeegee, start from the middle of the transfer and work outward to prevent air bubbles
    6. Slowly remove carrier sheet leaving the UV DTF behind. Pulling the sheet back at an angle helps to smoothly remove it
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